Restaurant Association New Zealand


The Restaurant Association is pleased to partner with NetPay to offer their online cloud payroll solution to Association members.


The Association has been assisting hospitality business professionals since 1972. Nowadays, the Association is organised into 13 regional branches and has members covering the length and breadth of the country. 


In a perfect world, success in hospitality would depend on flair and passion, but in the real world, there is much more to running a business. Which is where the Restaurant Association comes in. Membership of the Restaurant Association doesn’t just provide bragging rights, there are a whole raft of benefits that can help a person and their business take off. Membership provides access to valuable tools and resources, educators, suppliers and much more…


1.             Professional Advice and Information Services

The Restaurant Association provides advice and guidance on different areas of running a business, especially when it comes to employment relations.


2.             Cost Saving Benefits

Members can access a number of savings on essential services and supplies, including savings on the set up costs with NetPay; reduced credit card commission rates; landline, mobile and broadband deals; discounts on gas supply and insurance; access to a comprehensive medical insurance scheme and discounts on stationery and other essential products.


3.             Education and Training

An industry is nothing without skilled operators on all levels, which is why the Restaurant Association actively and continuously promotes workforce development and runs a professional development calendar of short courses. Follow the below link to get directed:


4.             Promotion of Member Businesses

Restaurant Association members can take advantage of three marketing initiatives: an online dining guide (, Gift Voucher programme and The Restaurant Gift Card.


5.             Exclusive Activities & Events

From the local level right up to the premier annual hospitality event, Restaurant Show, Restaurant Association members can take advantage of a range of special activities , all of which are opportunities to network and exchange ideas with a range of like-minded individuals.


Talk to the Restaurant Association today, 0800 737 827 or check out