Infocare childcare management software is a state of the art software system designed specifically for use in childcare, day care, and kindergarten centres in New Zealand.


It incorporates all aspects of the day to day administration, record keeping and management for childcare centres and kindergartens including basic accounting software.


Infocare childcare management software provides facilities for recording bookings, health details, timetables and all administration surrounding government funding requirements and ministry of education statistics.


The system provides an automated integration to NetPay who provide an internet payroll system, which offers secure payroll processing and saves time and money by automating payroll tasks. The software offers “one-click” payroll and a simple workflow to guide users step by step through the payroll process.


We provide an optional facility to allow parents to log in and view their child’s learning stories, centre newsletters, a statement of their account etc. This facility provides parents with an excellent method of sharing in their child’s learning experience.


When you need to get in contact with parents or teachers urgently, sending mass txt messages from mobile phones isn’t a great idea. With the help of our optional Info-Txt service, you can send txt messages directly from Infocare on a large scale and in a convenient manner.


Our software is cloud based using the latest technology. This provides users with the ability to do their admin from absolutely anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. The system also allows multiple users to access the system at the same time.


Our committed support team are experts in Infocare and have also worked in childcare or kindergartens, so have an integral understanding from the user’s point of view.


For more information visit or contact 09 476 5955 email